Ye Olde Antique & Curiosity Shop

Ye Olde Antique & Curiosity Shop

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About Our Owner

Susie Nerger, owner and proprietor of Ye Olde Antique & Curiosity Shop in Flemington, New Jersey, is no stranger to high-quality art and valuable antiques. Having spent the past 30 years in the industry, she and her husband Ken have amassed a vast collection of rare finds, which includes items from the early 18th century to the 20th century.

Learning to Love the Old World Charm

Working as the Executive Secretary for the president of Laura Ashley made Susie fall in love with the old world charm. She oversaw the amazing array of authentic antiquities that Laura Ashley amassed and incorporated into their international showrooms. This also inspired Susie to live in a circa 1742 historic home and start her own collection.

Marrying a Descendant of the Mayflower

Her husband Ken’s love for antiques and history is more than just a passion—it is deeply rooted in his family lineage. Apart from being a Mayflower descendant of John and Priscilla Alden, Ken is the great, great, great grandson of Charles Ferson Durant, renowned author, scientist, inventor and first Native American aeronaut and balloonist.

In high school, Ken apprenticed in a fine art gallery located in Englewood that specialized in a vast array of world-acclaimed artists. Here, he personally met Salvador Dali, the famed surrealist, and Erté, who is considered by most to be the father of the Art Deco movement.

Working Their Way to the Top

Ken opened and managed two of New York City’s premier art galleries located on the Upper East Side of Lexington Avenue and on the exclusive Madison Avenue between East 77th and East 78th Streets.

Due to the success of his endeavor, Ken, accompanied by Susie, found himself among New York’s A-listers. He also had the opportunity of personally serving the art and antique needs of notable celebrities such as Mary Tyler Moore, Henry Kissinger, Woody Allen, and Donald Trump, among others.

Their Mutual Love for Art and Antiques

Susie and Ken’s mutual love for antiques and art is continually fuelled by their countless domestic and international travels. They consistently search, explore, and purchase from mostly off the beaten track flea markets, auction houses, and other outlets where they intuitively know what and where to search.